Exploring the forefront of technology to enhance the edifice experience, giving you an innovative time piece.



Always taking technological strides, the specification of your EDIFICE watch can range from our classics with complete chronograph functionality, to our most advanced models which boast Casio’s renowned solar power technology and Bluetooth Connectivity.

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RADIO CONTROLLED MULTI BAND 6 Terrestrial radio wave reception from 6 transmission stations worldwide. Multiband Watches TOUGH SOLAR SOLAR POWER This original solar power system transforms even weak light from sources such as fluorescent lamps into ample energy to provide stable operation of various high-load functions. SOLAR WATCHES LED LIGHT SUPER ILLUMINATOR A high-brightness LED illuminates the dial with bright light to improve visibility remarkably at night and in dimly lit environments. LED Watches TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT BUILT IN SENSORS A miniature built-in temperature sensor measures and displays temperatures throughout the range from -10°C ~ 60°C. TEMPERATURE WATCHES

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EQB 600 EQB 500 EQB 510 ECB 500
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Browse a complete list of compatible smartphone devices that sync up with our Casio Watch app.

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Casio Watch+

Our application is compatible with a range of devices, for the full list please check our full listing here.

Casio Watch+
The Toro Rosso
As official team partner of the Toro Rosso racing team we are proud to present a special, limited range of collaboration watches.
Honda Racing
Marking the 20th anniversary of Edifice timepieces, we are proud to present a range of limited edition Honda Racing collaboration watches.