The world's first* smartphone link with world time 300 cities.

  • * In a Casio investigation of the Solar Watch category, September 2014.
    As a solar analog watch category.

Attention iPhone and Galaxy Users
Confirmed Phones


Smartphone Link with World Time 300 cities.

The EQB-500D is the world's first* smartphone link timepiece with world time for 300 cities, and the first CASIO analog watch equipped with Bluetooth Smart technology.

Linking the watch to a smartphone provides access to the correct time, not only in the current location but in any of 300 cities around the world.

Smartphone Link also allows for easy alarm setting and access to additional watch functions.

Dual Dial World Time displaying two time zones simultaneously and the EQB-500D's myriad of forward-thinking features are powered by a Casio Tough Solar system that ensures stable operation.

  • * In a Casio investigation of the Solar Watch category, September 2014. As a solar analog watch category.


Bold styling, striking detail.

Dynamic, thought-leading design in a robust metal case.


Automatic time adjustment

Dual Dial World Time for 300 cities

Light into power

Casio Tough Solar technology coverts light into stable, reliable power to keep you connected.
Bluetooth-powered Smartphone Link enables easy access to watch functions.

Smartphone Link


Automatic time adjustment

A single button push accesses your smartphone. Using the time information in the smartphone, the watch automatically adjusts the time. It also supports automatic connection to your smartphone (up to once a day). No matter where you are in the world, it quickly receives the correct time for your location

One-touch Connection with a Phone, Simple Time Adjustment

Auto Time Correction Settings (Smartphone)

Simple setting

Simply select one of the 300 World Time cities from the world map in the smartphone app and the time for that city is displayed. You can also set functions such as alarms from your smartphone. Content is sent instantly to the watch, making it easy to configure the settings.

Configuring World Time Settings


Mobile Link is disabled while the watch is in the Airplane Mode.
Click the link below to find out how to check the Airplane Mode status and how to enter the Airplane Mode.

Entering the Airplane Mode

300 World Time cities

Alarm setting function

Dual Dial World Time 2-city simultaneous display

The main dial and date display show Home Time (the time and date in the current location), while an inset dial at 3 o’clock displays World Time (the current time for over 300 major cities) in a 12-hour format. The addition of an AM/PM display adds further convenience for global travellers.

Swapping Home Time and World Time Settings